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these other resources to aid in the identification of aquatic plants in the Southeast:

Field Guide to Common Wetland Plants of North Carolina, prepared by the NC Division of Water Resources (Kristie Gianopulos, Karen Kendig, and Milo Pyne, 2021). Available as a PDF or in printed form

Field Guide to Aquatic Plants of Alabama, prepared by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Fisheries Section (R. Graves Lovell, October 2007), PDF

A Guide and Key to the Aquatic Plants of the Southeastern United States, reprint of Public Health Bulletin 286 (Don E. Eyles and J. Lynne Robertson, Jr, 1944), PDF

AQUAplant, a pond manager diagnostics tool created by Texas A&M Agrilife Extension

An image-based key to Aquatic Macrophytes from the University of New Hampshire

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