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bookcover Best Native Plants for Southern Gardens by Gil Nelson

Best Native Plants for Southern Gardens

Gil Nelson

In this book Gil Nelson describes and recommends high-performing native plants — including shrubs, small and large trees, and a collection of perennials — which have proven to be extremely successful landscape plants in the southeastern United States. Targeted towards gardeners and landscapers living in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, Best Native Plants for Southern Gardens highlights and illustrates several hundred readily available and easy-to-grow native species.

But this book is much more than the above description suggests. If you've read any of Nelson's field guides, you've probably been impressed at his ability to distill an impression of a plant into a few well-chosen words. Here he has more to say and more room to say it, and the reading is pleasurable and informative.

University Press of Florida.