Native & Naturalized Plants of the Carolinas & Georgia

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range map need picture of flower of Phoradendron leucarpum ssp. leucarpum, American Mistletoe, Christmas Mistletoe
camera icon speaker icon Common Name: American Mistletoe, Christmas Mistletoe
Weakley's Flora: (11/30/12) Phoradendron leucarpum ssp. leucarpum
INCLUDED WITHIN PLANTS National Database: Phoradendron leucarpum

SYNONYMOUS WITH New combinations in Phoradendron leucarpum (Viscaceae) (Abbott & Thompson, 2011) Phoradendron serotinum ssp. serotinum

INCLUDED WITHIN Vascular Flora of the Carolinas (1968): Phoradendron serotinum 061-01-001

INCLUDED WITHIN Manual of the Southeastern Flora (Small, 1933) Phoradendron flavescens

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"Modern botanical classification groups plants by sexual (reproductive) characteristics, but there are other ways to group plants.... The Chinese divide plants into yin and yang (female and male) as well as by taste and by the elements of wood, fire, earth, water, and metal." — Joyce A. Wardwell, The Herbal Home Remedy Book