Native & Naturalized Plants of the Carolinas & Georgia

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camera icon speaker icon Common Name: Ailanthus, Tree-of-heaven
Weakley's Flora: (11/30/12) Ailanthus altissima
SYNONYMOUS WITH PLANTS National Database: Ailanthus altissima
SYNONYMOUS WITH Vascular Flora of the Carolinas (1968): Ailanthus altissima 104-01-001

Petals densely pubescent near the base. (Staminate flowers have 10 stamens.), per Vascular Flora of the Carolinas.

range map need picture of flower of Leitneria floridana, Corkwood, Florida Corkwood
speaker icon Common Name: Corkwood, Florida Corkwood
Weakley's Flora: (11/30/12) Leitneria floridana
SYNONYMOUS WITH PLANTS National Database: Leitneria floridana

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"... most of the woody plants are as easily identified by twig, bud, and bark characters as by leaves, if one is familiar with the traits to observe in winter." — Ron Lance, Woody Plants of the Southeastern US, A Winter Guide