Native & Naturalized Plants of the Carolinas & Georgia

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range map need picture of flower of Schisandra glabra, Bay Star-vine, Climbing-magnolia, Magnolia-vine
camera icon Common Name: Bay Star-vine, Climbing-magnolia, Magnolia-vine
Weakley's Flora: (5/21/15) Schisandra glabra
SYNONYMOUS WITH PLANTS National Database: Schisandra glabra
SYNONYMOUS WITH Vascular Flora of the Carolinas (1968): Schisandra glabra 082-01-001

SYNONYMOUS WITH Guide to the Vascular Plants of the Blue Ridge (Wofford, 1989) Schisandra coccinea

SYNONYMOUS WITH (ORTHOGRAPHIC VARIANT) Manual of the Southeastern Flora (Small, 1933) Schizandra coccinea

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"Nature has a way of speaking to all of us, of calling us out under the open sky to listen to her 'various language.' To the born scientist, her call is a challenge to know and to probe. To woodsmen and campers, she is a friend providing materials to use in woodcraft. To those among us who think beyond the immediate present, she is a rich environmental heritage to protect for generations to come." — William Hillcourt