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Most habitat and range descriptions were obtained from Weakley's Flora.

Your search found 1 taxon in the family Lardizabalaceae, Lardizabala family, as understood by Vascular Flora of the Carolinas.


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camera icon speaker icon Common Name: Five-leaf Akebia, Chocolate-vine

Weakley's Flora: (4/24/22) Akebia quinata   FAMILY: Lardizabalaceae

SYNONYMOUS WITH PLANTS National Database: Akebia quinata   FAMILY: Lardizabalaceae

SYNONYMOUS WITH Vascular Flora of the Carolinas (Radford, Ahles, & Bell, 1968): Akebia quinata 078-01-001   FAMILY: Lardizabalaceae


Habitat: Escaped from cultivation to roadbanks, suburban woodlands, and floodplains

Rare now, likely to be a serious invasive in the Southeast over the next decade

Non-native: Japan, China & Korea


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"Within the same group [of Oaks] ... leaves alone must not be used for final identification, as, even on the same tree, the leaves may vary more among themselves than between those of other species. This does not mean that there is no typical shape or shapes for any given species, but only that not every leaf will take a typical form." — George W.D. Symonds, The Tree Identification Book